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الطيور على أشكالها تقع - تحالف التطرف

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هذا الخبر ليس الاول من نوعه

يقول ان في فرنسا تعاون بعض النازيين الجدد الى متطرفي اليهود في نشر رسائل تحريض ضد العرب و المسلمين

ثم اختلفوا بشأن الحرب في العراق، فافترقوا

و من المعروف ان النازيين و اليهود من ألد الاعداء التقليديين


Joelle Diderich, Reuters, 7/17/03


PARIS - French neo-Nazis formed an alliance with extremist Jewish groups on the Internet to publish a torrent of hate messages directed against Arabs and Muslims, according to a report by a leading anti-racist group.

Members of extreme-right groups were prepared to set aside their anti-Semitic feelings to share Web space and know-how with extremist pro-Israeli campaigners, amid a rise in violence in the Middle East, the study found...

The report said 26 Web sites, traced to right-wing and Jewish extremists groups in France, operated from the same server in the United States between 1999 and March this year.

Members of the groups also shared advice on how to send messages without leaving electronic trails.

Investigators believed the sites were taken down because of disagreement between the groups over the U.S.-led war in Iraq, with Jewish extremists supporting the action but some French far right-wingers against it...

و هناك اخبار اخرى من حوالي سنة او يزيد عن جماعات من متطرفي اليهود و متطرفي الهندوس يتعاونون على الانترنت في امريكا

و السبب هو العداء المشترك للاسلام

التطرف واحد، و ان تعددت الاديان!

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