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The Saudi Council of Engineers

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Dear Sir,

The Saudi Council of Engineers is a professional body of scientific and aims to promote the engineering profession that would develop and raise the level of the profession and its staff, and functions to lay the foundations and standards of practice and development. This include the license conditions and rules and examinations to obtain professional degrees and preparation of studies, research, and organizing courses, seminars and conferences related to the profession and provide technical advice in the area of competence according to the rules approved by the Board of Directors.

Being a member in this professional body will give you many benefits and allow you to participate in many area of the engineering division. Obtaining a membership in the Saudi Council of Engineers is optional now but very soon it will be mandatory. So in order to avoid any issue for not being a member in this body, you are kindly requested to start the process for your registration as the following procedures:

1. Filling out the application on this link:

2. Sending the form either via regular mail or by fax or via the Internet, with the following documents faxed to the head office of the Authority:

- the payment receipt.

- A copy of ID: Civil ID card to the Saudis / copy of the residence for non-Saudis.

- A copy of the certificate bachelor degree for engineers / copy diploma for technicians.

- The identification from the college or a copy of the university ID card for undergraduate students.

The required documents need to be faxed to this number: 70 20 403 1 966+

Please follow this step to complete the registration steps and confirm back to us once the registration is finalized.

For any more information about The Saudi Council of Engineers, please visit their website on the below link:

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